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Nick Harvey“When I was looking for a teacher I decided I needed more of a guitar coach rather than a traditional guitar teacher. I knew there were critical gaps in my playing (being 98% self taught), but traditional guitar teachers seemed to be unable to identify the issues or assist me to lift my musicianship to a new level.

Luckily I found Craig…

Craig took my goals seriously in what I wanted to achieve and then it was straight to work moving towards those goals.

From the very first lesson Craig’s approach and methodologies helped me enormously. Within a few weeks my own practice time was far more focused and producing the results that I desired. Learning how to practice effectively has made my own practice a real joy than rather than hours of struggle and frustration. I still had to work very hard under Craig’s guidance but I squeezed more from playing with less strain, drain and time.

Effective practice makes the whole thing a lot easier. It’s just a lot of fun!!!! As a direct result of working with Craig the rhythmic sense, feel and articulation in my guitar playing has improved beyond belief. My improvisational skills have improved to the point that I feel I can be dropped into any situation and rock hard. Also I can play faster with more confidence in being tight, professional and accurate.

One of the big bonuses in working with Craig I have noticed is quicker realization of my composing, arranging and writing ideas when working in the studio. What were once areas of weakness in musicianship are now becoming strengths and a huge asset to me a guitar player, producer and writer.

Without a doubt I would highly recommend Craig as guitar coach or teacher. I get challenged in every session and I love it!!”.

Nick Harvey