Electric Guitar Technique Lessons In Auckland

Develop the technique you need to play the music you love...

As part of your guitar lessons, I’ll be helping you to refine and develop your electric guitar technique. This is incredibly valuable because having better technique will make it easier for you to play the music that you love.

Some Techniques That I Can Help You Get Better At

Although the specific techniques you’ll need to develop will depend on your musical goals, here are some of techniques that I’ve helped other students with…

  • Alternate picking.
  • Double picking.
  • Sweep/Economy picking.
  • String skipping.
  • Hybrid picking.
  • Palm muting, accent patterns and using the picking-hand to stop unwanted noise.
  • Strumming.
  • Pinched harmonics, natural harmonics, artificial harmonics and tapped harmonics.
  • Using the whammy bar.
  • Legato techniques such as hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides.
  • Trills.
  • Tapping and hammer-ons from nowhere.
  • String bending.
  • Vibrato.

Some Of The Technical Areas I Can Help You With

As well as helping you to improve specific techniques, I can also help you with…

  • Increasing your guitar speed and fluidity.
  • Improving the synchronization between your two hands.
  • Changing between chords faster.
  • Making your guitar playing sound smoother and less “clunky”.
  • Helping you to get rid of unwanted tension that stops you from playing how you’d like to play.
  • Becoming more technically flexible so that you can improvise more fluently.
  • Getting rid of unwanted string noise so that your playing sounds cleaner.
  • Removing bad habits that slow down your progress.

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“Craig is one of the best teachers I have come across. I had been playing for over twenty years when I went to Craig. I was very frustrated with the lack of improvement and the lack of direction as well as that feeling of having plateaued.

With Craig, I experienced the greatest amount of improvement in the shortest time ever. Following his curriculum gave me the grounds to rebuild my guitar playing techniques to achieve the freedom to take on some monster solos, to insights into what makes a guitar player a real musician and everything in between. Craig’s delivery is very friendly and casual but you are never spoon fed. Every session was inspirational and left me in a state where I couldn’t wait to take on the exercises.

I highly recommend Craig for guitarists of all abilities as he will not only challenge you to become a better guitar player but he will also find and grow that musician inside of you”.

Aymen Naim

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