I love the definition that Albert Einstein had for insanity…

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

I think it’s great. Short, simple and to the point. And I must admit that over the course of my life I’ve been insane on numerous occasions. And if we’re going to be totally honest now…maybe you’ve even been insane a time or two? 🙂

But what’s this got to do with getting great results from your guitar lessons?

Well, let’s take a step backwards for a second…

Guitar Teachers Can’t Help Everyone

Over the years that I’ve been teaching, I’ve noticed that I can’t help everyone to play guitar better. And a large part of the reason is this…

I can’t do the practice for my students.

A guitarist could go to the best guitar teacher in the world, and learn the most effective practice techniques. But if they don’t practice what they are taught in a VERY consistent way,  using the prescribed approach, they will get less than optimal results. In fact, they may get downright lousy results.

I know this might seem totally obvious. But it brings up an interesting concept…

The Willingness To Change

Anytime you want to make significant improvements to your guitar playing, you are going to have to change. Your past way of doing things turned you into the player that you are now. In order to become a much better player in the future, you will most likely need to change your current approach to guitar practice.

For example, here are some common things that you may need to change…

  • How many days a week you practice guitar.
  • How long you practice in each practice session.
  • The level of mental focus you have when practicing.
  • The balance between disciplined practice and playing.
  • Technical things such as how hard your fingers press when fretting notes, and how large your finger movements are.
  • Your approach to programming your muscle-memory.
  • The time of day that you practice.
  • Your lifestyle. (Are you carving out the necessary time in your schedule to practice on a consistent basis?).

You get the idea. To change your guitar playing, you need to change yourself first. To expect to significantly increase your current progress without changing your approach is insane…(at least according to Albert Einstein).

So if you are currently getting lessons from a guitar teacher, please think about how many changes you have implemented from the list shown above. If you haven’t implemented many of them, then please ask yourself the following question…

Why am I expecting to get great results if I’m not doing anything different?

Change lots. Your guitar teacher will thank you for it.

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