There’s one thing that I particularly love about learning the guitar. And it’s probably not what you think. The thing I’m talking about is the fact that…

Becoming a good guitarist requires a significant commitment to regular practice.

I absolutely love this fact for a few different reasons…

  • You feel great as you progress. There’s a real sense of accomplishment as you do the hard work and notice yourself getting better.
  • You walk your talk. Many people want to improve their guitar playing, but don’t want to do the work needed. Rather than just “talking a big game”, you are doing something on a regular basis that will eventually help you become an awesome guitarist.
  • It builds discipline and focus which helps you with other areas of your life.
  • It builds confidence and belief. As you grow as a player you become more confident about your abilities. You start to realise that the only real limit to your potential is how much and often you practice.

There is no doubt in my mind that practising on a daily basis is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. But many guitar players don’t do it. Why do you think that is?

Why Guitarists Don’t Practice Daily

Well, here are a few reasons why someone might not practice on a daily basis…

  • They lack belief in themselves. They don’t believe they can get good, so they don’t even bother trying.
  • They are totally overwhelmed. They don’t know how or what to practice.
  • They don’t currently practice effectively. Because they aren’t getting results from their current practice, they don’t feel motivated.
  • They lack a deep desire to improve as a guitarist.
  • They are lazy bums.
  • They don’t have motivating musical goals that drive them to practice regularly.
  • They haven’t developed the habit of daily practice.

Covering all these reasons will take more than a few articles! So for now, let’s deal with the last reason on the list…

“They haven’t developed the habit of daily practice”.

Your 30 Day Guitar Practice Challenge

If you don’t currently practice on a daily basis, then what I’m about to suggest will help you develop the new habit of practising daily. But I should warn you now. It will get you outside your comfort zone. Why? Because…

  • It’s causing you to change. (Many people find change uncomfortable).
  • It will require you to make time for it. You might have to get up earlier or go to bed later.
  • It requires a no-excuse attitude. Many people have a habit of making excuses. If this is the case with you, then that habit needs to be broken for this challenge.

So here’s what I’m challenging you to do…

Practice Every Single Day For The Next 30 Days

Here are some rules for this challenge…

  1. Choose a daily practice length that is realistic but challenging. If you work full-time then 8-hours a day would be unrealistic, but 60-minutes a day would be much more realistic.
  2. Schedule the practice sessions into your diary like you would any other important appointment.
  3. Choose a time of day that gives you the greatest chance of success. (If you are normally too tired to practice after work, then you will need to do your guitar practice in the morning).
  4. If you miss a day, then you go back to the beginning. For example, if you get to 10 days but miss day 11, then you will need to start again.
  5. No excuses, just solutions. For example, if you missed a practice session because you “didn’t have time”, write down a few ways to avoid this happening in the future.

I’m not going to lie. For some people, this is going to be a massive challenge. But if becoming a good guitarist is important to you, then I invite you to do it. It is an excellent way to cultivate the habit of daily practice.

Until next time, practice your ass off.

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